Adapting to the new job and fear

Today I was working in the lift as I have been doing often these days and realized that I might just be too comfortable. Some know that I’m not a big fan of heights. My friend Eric knows this two well. A number of years ago Eric and I were in Prescott, Arizona and Eric decided that he wanted to bungee jump. Now doing this didn’t interest me at all, but Eric talked me into riding up in the crane to about 75′ or 100′ feet above the ground. I was scared out of my mind and I was not even jumping. Eric looked over at me and I was clinging to the sides of the basked and was white as a sheet. He didn’t even get to see the worst of it. When Eric jumped the entire basket was shaking all over the place. I almost needed to clean out my shorts after that.

We currently have three on the technical production team and each of us maintains different areas of the campus. My area is the worship center. Just to give you some perspective, the floor of the worship center to the front of house trusses is about 35 to 40 feet. Needless to say I was wondering if I would be able to handle this part of the job. It has taken until recently, but now I don’t think twice about going up and fixing things. Now I question that maybe I might just be too comfortable. Since I started working in the air I wished that my fear would subside. But now I realize that a little fear is a good thing to keep us in the safe places. Just like the fear we should have in the Lord.

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