Checking out some new lights

NexeraThis afternoon I spent some time hanging lights we are trying out. I’m looking for some architectural lighting options as well as some added color changers. I’m somewhat new to lighting systems and design, and I have really enjoyed learning what I have so far. The one thing that I have learned the hard way is the value of color mixing fixtures. I spend much of my programming time building transition cues to compensate for lights that don’t color mix. The fixtures that I’m testing this weekend are the Wyborn Nexera and the Chroma-Q Color Split.Color Splt

So far I have basically got all of the fixtures patched and the Color Splits hung. I have only done some basic programming and have not fully tested the lights, but as of right now here are a few of my observations:

Wybron Nexera:

  • Bigger fixture than I thought
  • Fairly quiet
  • Uses a power supply and 4 pin scroller cable
  • Seems to mix colors well
  • Can’t seem to get a deep blue color as of yet

Chroma-Q Color Split:

  • PowerCon connectors and can be linked
  • 9 modes of operation, I’m using mode 8 which is dual mode with intensity and red, green, blue and amber.
  • Seem to have a very narrow beam. Would be very interested to see the option 20 and 30 degree accessories.

We will see how they work this weekend and I will post an update here.