Changes 4/6/2008

Just a sample of one of the lighting looks for Sunday
This is a big Sunday for the tech ministry at Sugar Creek. We are going digital. The Digico is installed and this will be the first Sunday running it for the services.  All is tested and ready to go and John is charged with making sure all works correctly. Over the next few weeks we will train the volunteers on the job. I think that they will be back running the shows soon as they become comfortable.  We have had two rehearsal with the digital system and both were successful and the musician said they can hear a difference in the monitors.  We have not even installed the version 2 Avioms yet. More to come on that next week.

We have a new (at least new since I have been producing) CG operator for the Edge service…welcome Janet.  The Digico took up a lot of time this week, but I did get to add some curtian slashes behind the drums.  I’m really looking forward to hearing the difference in sound quality over the next few weeks as well as how the A1 take to the new system.

Digico Install

Digico D5 at homeToday was the day that we removed the older of the two Soundcraft Vienna consoles and replaced it with the Digico CS-D5.  Over all, the change over went very smoothly.  Last night John and Vincent pulled the Madi cables for the connection from the stage racks.  They ended up needing to be pulled in the iron. The console is in it’s final home and the stage racks are wired up and communicating. Tomorrow, Bryan is going to bring in the snake and we will get them all connected between the stage boxes and the stage racks. After that it is just finishing up the final patching and rehearsals start Tuesday afternoon.  So far we are right on schedule.  Pictures of todays work are on my flickr account.

Changes 3/30/2008

Sunday Photo


  • Temporarily installed a 5000 lumen project on the ledge above door five.  This projector had a long throw lens and I focused it on the baptistry wall, just for some more stage color.  It looked pretty cool; I guess that it is called architectural projection.  Have a look at the pictures linked below.  I did get one complaint from the choir – that it shined in their eyes being that it was mounted right below the confidence monitor.


  • Installed the cable for the switch to the Digital console.  We planned on pulling it through the conduit under the floor but it was full of water.  Ended up bringing in Vincent and his crew to walk the iron.

Here is a link to this Sundays pictures

Digico Unboxing Photos

CS-D5Yes the Digico is here and I have the photos to prove it.  John is foaming at the mouth and has half of the configuration done.  Started pulling the madi cables, but found the conduit full of water.  After checking with Digico, we decided to run the cables over head.  Vincent is going to come in Sunday afternoon and walk the iron.  Bryan will be in Monday  with the patch cables to connect to the stage racks.  All should be ready for a launch next Sunday… please pray for us.  Here are the photos…

UPDATE: The Digital Shift

Digico CS-D5AND THE WINNER IS: I just sent the purchase order into Digico for the CS-D5.  After much research, number crunching, calling references, and most of all prayer, I executed the purchase order for the Digico today.  Studer has a great product and at some point I want to get my hands on the console.  Digico just has the best combination of features and price.  Keep an eye out here for information on delivery and un-boxing photos.

The Digital Shift

Over the past few months at Sugar Creek we have been in the process of evaluating digital audio consoles.  Our current analog consoles are Soundcraft Vienna 2 consoles with a total of 80 inputs.  They are around 12 years old and are getting a little worse for ware.  About a month ago we turned in a report to the finance committee recommending replacing the current consoles with a digital solution.  Today I got the call from the committee chairman letting me know that they approved the budget and to get the project started….thank you!  WE ARE MAKING THE DIGITAL SHIFT!!!!

In the report, we had four console options two of which really didn’t fit our long term requirements.  One option has all of our needs today and the fourth is a nice cosole with a road map of new features that meets the requirements by the end of the summer.  Now we have to choose, that is the hard part.  So what will it be Digico CS-D5 or the Soundcraft Vi6?  Your suggestions are welcome and I can’t fully answer that question right now.

Some other parts of the system are going to need to be upgraded as part of the process.  Starting next week, we will be having a vendor work on getting the stage cabling ready for the switch to preamps on stage.  We also will be ordering a new Aviom II system in the near future to replace our version one system that is not compatible with either of the consoles.  Be looking for more information to come soon.